Ultimate Tactical protection: Shotstop ballistics technologies

Lightweight, incredible stopping power, and industry leading warranty

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SSB PARTNERS is a Direct, Authorized Dealer of ShotStop Ballistics Body Armor.

Whether you are in Law Enforcement, Military, Fire Fighters, Military, or a private citizen, we have the body armor plates for you! ShotStop Body Armor is made with Duritium Technologies, which is a strong string-like material mixed with polyethylene.

Level IIIA, III+, IVs body armor available here.

10-to-15-year Warranties

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Ballistics protection is measured on four key variables:

1. Strength

2. Weight

3. Comfortability

4. Cost

We are proud to offer ShotStop Ballistics, LLC’s advanced ballistics body armor plates. These plates are far more dynamic, lightweight, comfortable and affordable. They also come with a industry-leading 15-year warranty on all Level III plates and a 10-year warranty on Level IV plates.

Check them out and get the life-saving, light weight, BEST body armor in 2021!

LE/MIL/FIRST RESPONDER Discounts Available upon request.

This chart will show you exactly what threat each ShotStop Ballistic plates. It also shows you exactly what it's made of and weight! Check out the Stopping Power Chart to make your decision way easier! View Chart

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