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Should Fire Departments consider wearing body armor?

Just last month in Contra Costa County, the Fire Department received a call for emergency medical emergency at a residence in California. One fire engine and one ambulance were dispatched to the scene of the incident. They arrived and began treatment to the individual when a vehicle drove by the scene and began shooting at the paramedics and firefighters. The car drove off but turned around and returned, unloading a barrage of bullets at them again! In this article, one firefighter and one paramedic were injured by the gunfire and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries…thank God. 

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This incident is just one article, and you can go and search hundreds if not thousands of more incidents just like this one. So this begs the question if you are a firefighter or paramedic: Do you wear ballistic protection while on duty? A recent poll conducted in 2020 asked participants if they believe firefighters should wear body armor while dispatched. Eighty-one percent said Yes. Eighty-one! 

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I’m sure all of us know that firefighters, while in gear, are carrying up to 80 pounds! That’s a lot to carry and continue to carry out the mission effectively. On top of all of that, firefighters now should start wearing body armor? That’s probably not a popular choice within departments.

Body Armor doesn’t have to weigh you down anymore.

Protector Capital is proud to be an Authorized Direct Dealer of ShotStop Ballistics LLC. Their revolutionary Duritium® Technology enables significantly lighter weight for their ballistics protection material, which results in a much more comfortable fit for body armor, in particular. ShotStop’s rifle plates will stop all threats from a 9mm up to M2 AP round depending on which plate. For ShotStop's Duritium III+ ICW, PS, PA, GT2 body armor plates all have an industry leading 15-year warranty.

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Pair the body armor plates with a Rothco Lightweight Plate Carrier and a Medical Pouch to have the ultimate protection allowing you peace of mind and 100% focus on your mission.

No longer do we have to hear stories about firefighters or medical responders getting injured due to having no protection.

Here at Protector Capital, we are incredibly proud to stand 110% of our Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMS, and Military. As a thank you, we have special HERO pricing available. Contact us today to discuss which plates will be best for your mission. If you are an agency or department looking to get an Estimate, please email sales@protectorcapital.com.  

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