Body Armor

ShotStop Ballistics Body Armor

Lighter Weight. Maximum Stopping Power.

Developing the World’s Lightest, Most Comfortable & Most Durable
Advanced Armor Technologies made with patented Duritium® Technologies
10-15 year warranty.

LE/Mil/First Responder Discounts Available. Contact us today. Body Armor Sold As Singles, Not Pairs.


Whether you buy body armor based on comfortdurabilityweightwarranty or any other factor, it's all about focusing on what matters for you, your agency, department, or office. Understanding the threats that will be faced and the mobility necessary to address the situation is important; and we know budget always comes into the conversation. Click the icons below to learn how ShotStop® body armor addresses what matter most.

Current Back Ordered Armor

PA SE3+10x12MC beginning of July
HS HS1RF3-10x12SESC mid-June
HS HS1RF3-10x12SHSC mid-June
HA HA1RF3-11x14SHMC mid-June
HA HA1RF3-6X6FSSC mid-June
PS PS1RF1-11x14SESC  end of June
GT2 GT2RF2-9.5x12.5SHMC  end of July
GT2 GT2RF2-9.5x12.5SEMC end of July
GT2 GT2RF2-8X10SHMC beginning of July
GT2 GT2RF2-8X10SEMC  beginning of July
GT2 GT2RF2-10X12SEMC  beginning of July