Body Armor Waiver

Purchaser agrees and accepts all Protector Capital, LLC Policies.

If you are purchasing ShotStop Ballistics, please read and check the proper box at check out.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

In order to purchase ANY ShotStop Ballistics, (SSB) LLC body armor product from Protector Capital, LLC., you must review, fill out and submit this waiver. By completing this waiver you agree to all contained and provided information and that the purchase is made for you. 

As purchaser you certify that you are legally allowed to purchase and own body armor in compliance with Federal, State and Local laws. Purchaser agrees to take sole responsibly for purchase not Protector Capital, LLC. or ShopStop Ballistics, (SSB) LLC. 

- Certification - 

The purchaser certifies that they agree to the entire Terms and Condition of Sale and will comply with restrictions for use of body armor. The purchaser certifies they will ensure that all transactions conform to applicable Federal, State and local statutes, codes, and ordinances. The purchaser certifies that body armor purchased from Protector Capital will not be exported outside the territorial boundaries of the United States without first complying with applicable US Export Control Laws including The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

The Ballistic Body Armor offered on this site is sold by Protector Capital LLC. Each ballistic plate is manufactured in the United States by ShopStop Ballistics, (SSB) LLC. Plates are certified to meet National Institute of Justice (NIJ) compliant testing under NIJ Standard 0101.06, unless otherwise stated.

- Body Armor Restrictions and Compliance with Law - 

NIJ Level IIIA, III and IV Ballistic Plates are considered “Body Armor” which is regulated by US Code statute, 18 U.S.C.A. Section 931. As such, body armor may not be purchased, owned, or possessed by anyone convicted of a violent felony. Furthermore, body armor plates regulated by this statute may also be further regulated by state and local statutes. The purchaser is responsible for complying with all federal, state and local laws regulating the possession and use of body armor. 

* The purchaser certifies they have no violent felony convictions in accordance with the above provisions.

- Additional Restrictions - 

The laws of the state of Connecticut prohibit the purchase of body armor from this site. Law enforcement and military personnel from Connecticut should contact Protector Capital directly to discuss and arrange purchases.

- Usage -

Purchaser agrees that all body armor purchases are for personal use only. Purchases are not, under any circumstances, to be made by those who are NOT legally allowed to own or possess body armor. Purchaser also agrees that the intent for purchase is lawful to local, state and federal laws.