BreatheSafe - Gas Mask Replacement Filter Set

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This is a replacement set of filters for the BreatheSafe Respirator / Gas Mask. In this set you will find a complete replacement filter set. Two pairs of filters are included. That is 4 filters. This set replaces all of the filters you received when you ordered the BreatheSafe Respirator / Gas Mask.

P-A-1 Filters - This filter is for dangerous gasses of the organic variety. This includes tear gas and pepper spray but also: acetone, toluene, xylene, aniline, nitrobenzene, gasoline, chloropic-rin, carbon disulfide, and even organic items that have noxious odors, like crime scene cleanups, wellness checks, or hoarding conditions. The P-A-1 filter is perfect for allowing you to breathe during police work, riots, working with spicy foods, and industrial situations.

3M (brand) 7093CN Filters - These P-100 filters are the industry standard in particulate filtration. P100 filtration is the highest level of particulate filtration you will find, far exceeding P95, N95, KN95, P99, N99, and KN95 standards and even more effective than N100 filters.  This is arguably the finest filter that 3M makes. Perfect for stopping COVID-19, Influenza, Ebola, particulates like ash and soot, and any other airborne nastiness.

The 7093CN filter is perfect for situations where dangerous particles are in the air. These can be everything from water droplets that contain viruses or bacteria or particulates such as dust, debris, and even asbestos. The 7093CN filter removes approximately 100% of these contaminants. It is a cartridge filter that has the filter elements stored inside and behind the hard plastic case. This design is far superior to a pancake style filter where the element is exposed. Exposed element filters need to be replaced if something happens where the elements are direct contaminated, for example if a patient coughs on you.  The 7093CN filter can be cleaned if it sees direct spray of contaminants. A much better solution that can allow a doctor to get more than a month's full-time use out of each filter.

Contents - Each Replacement Filter Kit Includes:

(2) 3M 7093 CN filters (one pair)
(2) P-A-1 filters (one pair)

All filters are brand new, freshly manufactured and sold in sealed packaging.
Filters are compatible with the BreatheSafe Respirator / Gas Mask and 3M Brand respirators.